Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Why do I need to take both supplements –
Full Full and Theromgenic Fat Burner?

Answer: When people are trying to lose weight and improve their body shape, the main challenges they face are, hunger pangs, food cravings and how to accelerate fat burning.

YouSlim’s two unique natural supplements deal specifically with those issues.

Feel Full will naturally curb and positively control hunger pangs and food cravings, all at the same time.

The Thermogenic Fat Burner will boost cellular metabolism, increase the body’s fat burning capability, release the stored fat and improve the speed and effectiveness of your chosen weight loss eating plan.

Q: Can I take the supplements at the same time?

Answer: Yes you can. Feel Full is 1000mg of premium grade Glucomannan; a natural fibre, derived naturally from the Konjac Root. It is the most powerful natural ingredient available to aid satiety. One Feel Full capsule taken, with a large glass of water, will naturally expand in your stomach ensuring that you don’t feel hungry – and when you do eat, you will reach a faster meal satisfaction. Feel Full will help stop you overeating.

The Thermogenic Fat Burner has been designed to help stop your body from storing fat, as well as helping it kick-start the fat burning effect naturally.

Q: What if I forget to take YouSlim before a meal?

Answer: Don’t worry, it’s not a catastrophe.

The YouSlim Diet Accelerators work best when they are taken 15-30 minutes before a meal. The Feel Full supplement works best on an empty stomach. Its purpose is to make you feel fuller, so you tend to eat less. If you do forget to take a Feel Full capsule before food, then we advise you take one about an hour after you have eaten, to help sustain that feel full feeling.

You will also experience an improvement in digestive transit. Feel Full can be taken separately, on its own with a large glass of water, to stop you feeling hungry throughout the day.

Thermogenic Fat Burner is also best taken 15-30 minutes before food, however this can be taken after you eat to boost metabolism and fat burning.

It is very important that you take both the supplements with a large glass of water approx 12oz /340mls.

Q: Is YouSlim safe to take?

Answer: Both YouSlim supplements are totally safe.

Feel Full has been scientifically proven to reduce hunger levels, and enhance the body’s digestive function, due to its prebiotic properties: This helps to reduce LDL cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure.

The Thermogenic Fat Burner contains a blend of natural ingredients. Due to the effects of the natural caffeine content we recommend that Thermogenic Fat Burner capsules are not consumed after 7pm, just in case they have any effect on your sleep pattern.

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