Finding Your Perfect Weight


Losing excess body fat and weight really can be a powerful boost to your self-confidence, helping you to feel more attractive, more energised, happier, and in control. It is important however to let go of all limiting thoughts, if you think you will struggle to lose weight, then guess what – you will!

What you eat and your lifestyle may only be part of the problem, how you view your life, your overall weight and body shape, can essentially be the core of the problem. What you need to realise is that it is all about finding ‘your perfect weight’. The definition of the perfect weight is the weight that feels good for you.

Remember not every woman wants to look like Kate Moss!

In fact, I personally have helped many, many people turn their lives around by helping them achieve their perfect weight when you are wearing a size 24 and within six months are able to buy a size 16 this can be an amazing transformation.

I want to talk about how ‘sugar is the new fat’ and how my new Youslim weight loss system can help people to start changing their eating and lifestyle pattern so that they can start to look good and feel better about themselves but doing so safely, naturally and healthily.

Of course there are guidelines produced by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) such as Body Mass Index (BMI) which are used throughout the world to help guide health care professionals but the focus really needs to be on helping people find the weight, shape and size that makes, them feel happy, confident and empowered. With that in mind, there are three simple steps in conjunction with a diet and lifestyle programme that you can follow in order to help you achieve that ‘Perfect Weight’.

Step 1 — Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

Have a clear vision in your mind of weight / size / shape you want to be. Get out pictures of yourself at your perfect weight if you have them. If not get pictures of the body you would like to have and look at them often, put them in places of prominence such as the fridge door, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer so that you are viewing your end result frequently.

Step 2 — Believe you will achieve your goal

You must believe you will receive this result, focus on achieving your perfect weight as opposed to focusing on a ‘diet’ or even ‘weight loss’ you must keep a positive view of this process. Write out your perfect weight or clothes size on post-it stickers and place in prominent locations so you are constantly viewing the weight that you will achieve, you must write down your goals as this will help you achieve them more quickly. Don’t fall into to the trap of analysing just how this is going to happen or in what time frame, just believe that you will achieve your goal.

Step 3 — Believe you have already received your goal

This may seem strange to you at first, but it is part of helping your mind believe in the entire process. Imagine yourself buying beautiful new clothes. When you are out shopping look at clothes in the sizes that you want to get down to. You must stay focused and use positive language, such as “I am really looking forward to buying that new size 12 skirt”, AND NOT “I really would like to be into size 12 but I don’t think that I will.”

If you believe — you WILL achieve!

With Youslim to accelerate your weight loss and by following our Youslim low GI eating plan you will be eating a proper balance of tasty fresh foods that will ensure you are receiving the proper energy requirements but not the hidden sugars which can contribute to increased sugar cravings, hormonal imbalances and slumps in energy levels. Your desire for carbohydrate-rich foods will naturally subside leaving you feeling alert energised and satisfied with your food intake.

Can you imagine just how much easier it will be to make these changes when you feel full and satisfied?

So let us know if these tips help! If you’ve found this post helpful, share your thoughts in the comments below and share this post with your friends on social media. Thanks!

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