Sugar Cravings Are The Killer When Dieting — Here’s What To Do

Sugar Cravings When Dieting

Sugar is one of the most ageing foods.

It has a negative effect on your digestive system and can cause irritable bowel syndrome, resulting in pain, bloating, stomach cramps, migraines, depression and sluggishness. All of which contribute to the signs of ageing.

Sugar destroys your collagen production, meaning your skin is more likely to sag and wrinkle.

But sugar isn’t always obvious.

Even white flour quickly turns into glucose. If you’re not sure whether you’re eating too much sugar ask yourself if you are sleepy after meals. If you are, you’re suffering from sugar overdose.

If you aren’t eating a balanced, healthy diet, your blood sugar levels are likely to be all over the place; dropping so you crave sugar fixes and then leaping to high levels where sugar ends up being stored as fat.

If you stick to unprocessed foods, it shouldn’t be too hard to stabilise your levels.

Tips to follow to help balance your body’s sugar cravings:

  • Don’t eat more than you need. It’s easy to feed on chocolate, crisps, cakes and fizzy drinks, which are all high in sugar. Many of us eat huge portions at mealtimes; quality is better than quantity.
  • Avoid processed foods they are packed with sugar. If you really have to snack, eat a calcium-boosting natural yogurt, fresh organic fruit or raw carrots. They will satisfy your craving without increasing your blood sugar levels.
  • Foods that contain vitamins B3, B6, and C, zinc and chromium help regulate your blood sugar levels and burn fat. Also multivitamins with minerals can be used to ensure correct levels are achieved.
  • Start your day with protein rich foods, this will satisfy your hunger longer. It is estimated 20% longer than if you started the day with carbohydrates.
  • Take 1000mg capsule of glucomannan before you eat. This will naturally reduce your hunger and sugar cravings.

Final thoughts

Feeling hungry and having sugar cravings can be difficult to deal with at the early stages of adjusting to a healthier way of eating.

With Youslim’s Feel Full natural food supplement containing pure glucomannan, feeling hungry or experiencing cravings will be a thing of the past.

Can you imagine just how much easier it will be to make these changes when you feel full and satisfied?

So let us know if these tips help! If you’ve found this post helpful, share your thoughts in the comments below and share this post with your friends on social media. Thanks! 🙂

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